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Responses from the bushfires in Victoria were; immediate community response, donations and international aid efforts even the Queen donated to the Red Cross Victoria fires foundation. More than 4000 fire fighters were sent to battle the fires and military aid was also used. Non-government organisations sent volunteers to help clean, build houses and provide counselling for the devastating effects of the fires. 

“This report commences with the telling of the story of LMHS’ experience of responding to the bushfires of 7 February 2009. Story-telling is an effective means of learning from the past (Denning 2005). LMHS’ response can be thought of as occurring in three distinct phases. The first phase was the initial crisis response on Sunday 8 February 2009 enacted by a small group of approximately 20 staff. The second phase was the whole-of-organisation response which occurred in the aftermath of the bushfires, over a period of several weeks in February and March 2009. The third phase involved the formal deployment of dedicated resources as part of the Victorian Bushfire Case Management Service. Phase three continues to the present day.”-Loddon Mallee Housing Services